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Just sharing – Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs announced further releases of JI detainees and a lapse of Restriction Order

12 March 2009

Further Releases and Lapse of Restriction Order under the Internal Security Act, 12 March 2009

Release from detention
          Two Singaporean members of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist network, Mohamed Ellias s/o Mohamed Khan (Mohd Ellias) and Ja’afar bin Mistooki (Ja’afar), were released on Suspension Directions (SD)1 under the Internal Security Act (ISA) on 5 Jan 2009.
2         Mohamed Ellias and Ja’afar were arrested in Dec 2001 and detained under the ISA in Jan 2002 for their involvement in the JI’s plans to mount terrorist attacks against several targets in Singapore.   
3         Since their detention in Jan 2002, Mohamed Ellias and Ja’afar have been cooperative in investigations and shown significant progress in their rehabilitation, and were assessed to no longer pose a security threat that required preventive detention.   
Lapse of Restriction Order
4         The Restriction Order (RO) of Faisel bin Abdullah Abdat (Faisel) expired on 8 Feb 2009 and was not renewed. Faisel was detained in Feb 2003 for providing material support to an Al-Qaeda collaborator and subsequently released on SD in Oct 2003. He was first issued with a 2-year RO in Feb 2005 when his SD lapsed. As Faisel had been cooperative in investigations and responded to rehabilitation, he was assessed to no longer require supervision under an RO regime. 
Ministry of Home Affairs
12  March 2009

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Muhammad Haniff Bin Hassan is a Fellow. He holds a PhD and M.Sc. in Strategic Studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (previously known as the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies), Nanyang Technological University. He received his early education in Aljunied Islamic School. He then continued his tertiary education at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, National University of Malaysia, with honours in Syar`iah and Civil law. Mr. Haniff is also active in social activities as a member of the Islamic Religious Council Appeal Board, HSBC Insurance Islamic Advisory Board from 2000 to 2014, Association of Islamic Religious Teachers and Scholars of Singapore (PERGAS) and Management Committee of Al-Irsyad Islamic School. He writes extensively in Berita Harian (a local Malay newspaper) and has also published articles in The Straits Times. He has published six books in his name, co-authored a monograph and helped publish two books for PERGAS and the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. His personal website in Malay is at


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