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Dr Fadl releases latest attack on Al-Qaeda

Asharq Al-Awsat has published the latest book by Sayyid Imam al-Sharif (aka Dr Fadl). The former ‘mufti of the mujahidin’, mentor to Ayman al-Zawahiri, and ideological figurehead of the global jihadist movement, has previously released two statements attacking Al-Qaeda’s ideology and the personal failings of its two leaders, Zawahiri and Bin Laden. In these statements, Dr Fadl denounced Al-Qaeda’s doctrine as baseless and without scholarly support, condemning their use of indiscriminate killing and blaming Al-Qaeda for ‘every drop of blood’ shed in Afghanistan and Iraq. He rubbished Al-Qaeda’s tactics as immoral and counterproductive, condemning those who ignore the Islamic covenant of security, by moving to the West and taking up terrorism.

Dr Fadl’s latest writings continue these themes. He argues that Bin Laden doesn’t have a clear ideological agenda, and that Al-Qaeda should not be labelled as salafist or jihadist, but simply ‘a group of emotional enthusiasts gathered around the person of Bin-Laden and a general idea of Jihad that is subject to what Bin Laden decrees’. Al-Qaeda ‘does not have an ideology or any literature of its own, and it is an organisation based on the charisma of one man rather than a methodology’. Other points include:

· Osama Bin Laden is directly responsible for the American occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.
· Bin Laden’s military policy could be summarised as political opportunism – carrying out a major showy operation.
· Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was hesitant to involve Bin Laden in 9/11 because he was aware of Al-Qaeda’s chaotic state, but he needed money and resources to carry it out.
· Iraqis rebelled against Al-Qaeda and preferred the occupier because of Al-Qaeda’s unprecedented criminality.
· Bin Laden gave a thousand dollars to whoever brought him good news on 9/11, then denied his association with the bombings before openly acknowledging responsibility – he is a liar and a traitor to his emir Omar (Taliban)
· Some Al-Qaeda Members leaked false news of a relationship between Saddam and Al-Qaeda, and about Iraq owning WMDs
· Honouring a commitment/pact with Infidels takes precedence over supporting Muslims. This is the Islamic religion regardless of Al-Qaeda’s heresy.
SOURCE: Al Sharq al Awsat



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Muhammad Haniff Bin Hassan is a Fellow. He holds a PhD and M.Sc. in Strategic Studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (previously known as the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies), Nanyang Technological University. He received his early education in Aljunied Islamic School. He then continued his tertiary education at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, National University of Malaysia, with honours in Syar`iah and Civil law. Mr. Haniff is also active in social activities as a member of the Islamic Religious Council Appeal Board, HSBC Insurance Islamic Advisory Board from 2000 to 2014, Association of Islamic Religious Teachers and Scholars of Singapore (PERGAS) and Management Committee of Al-Irsyad Islamic School. He writes extensively in Berita Harian (a local Malay newspaper) and has also published articles in The Straits Times. He has published six books in his name, co-authored a monograph and helped publish two books for PERGAS and the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. His personal website in Malay is at


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