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Moderation in Islam in the Context of Muslim Community in Singapore

ImageEditor: Muhammad Haniff Hassan
Publisher: Pergas (Singapore)
Date: 2004
To order, contact:
Singapore Islamic Scholars and Religious Teachers Association
Wisma Indah, 448 Changi Road, #03-01, Singapore (419975)
Tel: (65) 6346 9350 Fax: (65) 6346 3450 Email:

In September 2003, Pergas, the only registered association of Muslim scholars in Singapore, took personal and direct initiative in counter-ideological efforts against Al-Qaeda and JI ideology by organizing the Convention of Ulama (Muslim scholars). The objective of the convention was to rally Muslim scholars in defining and combating extremism. During the convention, Pergas presented three position papers for consultation and adoption by the 130 participants who were mainly Muslim scholars and members of Pergas. Based on their feedbacks, the papers were amended and published as a book entitled Moderation in Islam in the Context of Muslim Community in Singapore.

The book is particularly relevant in counter-ideological efforts in two respects. It highlighted key extremist ideology and misinterpretation of Islam, and offered rebuttals to them using the same approach adopted by Al-Qaeda and JI, i.e. using the Quran, the hadits and the opinions of the Muslim scholars. Secondly, it offered a Charter of Moderation for the Muslim community in Singapore, which contained 27 points as a common basis. The charter has been useful in guiding the community to practice Islam in the context of Singapore, particularly for Muslim scholars and religious teachers in guiding the community towards moderation.

Available also in Malay language.

About Muhammad Haniff Hassan

Muhammad Haniff Bin Hassan is a Fellow. He holds a PhD and M.Sc. in Strategic Studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (previously known as the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies), Nanyang Technological University. He received his early education in Aljunied Islamic School. He then continued his tertiary education at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, National University of Malaysia, with honours in Syar`iah and Civil law. Mr. Haniff is also active in social activities as a member of the Islamic Religious Council Appeal Board, HSBC Insurance Islamic Advisory Board from 2000 to 2014, Association of Islamic Religious Teachers and Scholars of Singapore (PERGAS) and Management Committee of Al-Irsyad Islamic School. He writes extensively in Berita Harian (a local Malay newspaper) and has also published articles in The Straits Times. He has published six books in his name, co-authored a monograph and helped publish two books for PERGAS and the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. His personal website in Malay is at

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