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My new book (translation work into Indonesian language) – Criticism From Within: The Danger and Fallacies of Al-Qaeda Ideology)

ImageBook title: Kritikan InternalTerhadap Ideologi Al-Qaeda: Bahaya dan Kesalahan Ideologinya (Criticism From Within: The Danger and Fallacies of Al-Qaeda Ideology)

This book is my translation work in collaboration with an Indonesian researcher. It is published by Lazuardi Birru and will be available in Indonesia market soon.

The book is also available in Malay language for Singapore and Malaysia markets.

To purchase Indonesian version, contact Lazuardi Birru at . Malay version, contact Pustaka Nasional at

Below is an introduction of the book

Law enforcement approach only will not be sufficient to neutralise the threat of violent ideology that fuels current wave of terrorism. The best and lasting antidote is the right understanding of religion based on strong and real conviction. This can be achieved by offering sound and coherent refutations that will empower Muslim mass to resist the ideology and radicals to abandon it.

For that purpose, this book has important place and role because it was written by leaders of Egyptian Al-Jamaah Al-Islamiyah, a group that was responsible for various terror attacks in Egypt long before the emergence of Al-Qaeda. Thus, the book can be regarded as criticism from within the militant circle, although the authors have abandoned their violent ideology that previously inspired Al-Qaeda.

The book exposes the fallacies of Al-Qaeda and its allies’ ideology through sound theological arguments. It highlights how Al-Qaeda and its allies have erred in their interpretation of Al-Quran and hadiths (the Prophet traditions), departed from the traditions of Muslim scholars and mis-read current realities. In addition to this, the book also guides its readers to understand the theological arguments and thinking process that support the authors’ position so the readers will incline to the position with full conviction and not blind following.

The potency of the refutations offered by leaders of Egyptian Al-Jamaah Al-Islamiyah has been tested when their works succeeded in influencing violent groups in Algeria and Libya to review and abandon their ideology.

More than 20 volumes have been published since 1997 till now by the leaders of Egyptian Al-Jamaah Al-Islamiyah for the purpose of reviewing their previous ideology and refuting Al-Qaeda and its allies. This book represents the gist of all the volumes and offers the most comprehensive refutation.

About Muhammad Haniff Hassan

Muhammad Haniff Bin Hassan is a Fellow. He holds a PhD and M.Sc. in Strategic Studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (previously known as the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies), Nanyang Technological University. He received his early education in Aljunied Islamic School. He then continued his tertiary education at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, National University of Malaysia, with honours in Syar`iah and Civil law. Mr. Haniff is also active in social activities as a member of the Islamic Religious Council Appeal Board, HSBC Insurance Islamic Advisory Board from 2000 to 2014, Association of Islamic Religious Teachers and Scholars of Singapore (PERGAS) and Management Committee of Al-Irsyad Islamic School. He writes extensively in Berita Harian (a local Malay newspaper) and has also published articles in The Straits Times. He has published six books in his name, co-authored a monograph and helped publish two books for PERGAS and the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. His personal website in Malay is at



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